Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application deadlines?

There are 2 application deadlines. The Part ONE deadline (the application part) is June 1st. The deadline for the Part TWO form, references and final marks is June 30th.   Part TWO must be submitted  in order to be considered. 

Do I need to apply for this scholarship every year?

Yes. To be eligible to receive a J. Harper Kent Charitable Foundation scholarship, you must apply by the June 1st deadline of each year you wish to be considered.

I was awarded a scholarship last year. Am I eligible to apply again?

Absolutely. We consider all of our candidates each year so make sure you apply!

Is this scholarship limited to just university students?

No. If you are a full time student attending a post-secondary education institution, you qualify for our scholarship.

What happens if I miss a due date?

Sorry. Applications must be received on time. Please re-apply next year.

Can I email my application or hand deliver it?

No. Only mailed applications are considered. It must be postmarked by the due dates June 1st and June 30th.

Do I have to do anything special to receive the second installment of my scholarship?

No. In the new year, we will receive confirmation of your full-time enrollment from the college/university. A cheque is then issued directly to the university.

Do I need to send in the Part Two form even it is blank?

Yes!! If this page is not sent in with your application package, your application is not complete and will not be considered.

Scholarship Recipients Scholarship Recipients
Adams, Kathryn
Auclair, Gabrielle
Belanger, Amber Sky
Boudreau, Isabelle
Caissie, Gavin
Caron, Véronique
Charest, Olivia
Comeau, Rachel
Couture, Hayley
Culligan, Cassidy
Cyr, Vanessa
Degrâce, Danika
Doiron, Marie-Mylène
Dorkhom, Ibrahim
Ellis, Bryar
Frenette, Carolyne
Frenette, Mélissa
Gauthier, Isabelle
Gauthier, Tarrah
Haché, Pierre-Luc
Hachey, Shawn
Lapointe, Chelsey
Lapointe, Jillian
LeBouthillier, Justin
Legacy, Jared
Lizotte, Theo
Losier, Alex
MacCallum, Zane
MacDermaid, Molly
MacDonald, Benjamin
Mercier, Jenna
Morais, Melody
Morrison, Jenny
Pitre, Jayde
Potvin, Jérémie-Pierre
Robertson, Brett
Rogers, Katherine
Roy, Émilie
Savoie, Pierre-Luc
Scott, Adrianna
Sirois, Madison
Smith, Riley
St-Onge, Roxanne
Valley, Erin
Van der Pluijm, Brody
Vandenbrand, Curtis
Vanoplynus, Teo
White, Haley
White, Megan

Be sure to check the deadlines.

You would be very surprised how often students miss this deadline so our advice to you is bold and simple...