Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application deadlines?

There are 2 application deadlines. The Part ONE deadline (the application part) is June 1st. The deadline for the Part TWO form, references and final marks is June 30th.   Part TWO must be submitted  in order to be considered. 

Do I need to apply for this scholarship every year?

Yes. To be eligible to receive a J. Harper Kent Charitable Foundation scholarship, you must apply by the June 1st deadline of each year you wish to be considered.

I was awarded a scholarship last year. Am I eligible to apply again?

Absolutely. We consider all of our candidates each year so make sure you apply!

Is this scholarship limited to just university students?

No. If you are a full time student attending a post-secondary education institution (including trades) you qualify for our scholarship.

What happens if I miss a due date?

Sorry. Applications must be received on time. Please re-apply next year.

Can I email my application or hand deliver it?

No. Only mailed applications are considered. It must be postmarked by the due dates June 1st and June 30th.

Do I have to do anything special to receive the second installment of my scholarship?

No. In the new year, we will receive confirmation of your full-time enrollment from the college/university. A cheque is then issued directly to the university.

Do I need to send in the Part Two form even it is blank?

Yes!! If Part Two is not sent in with your application package, your application is not complete and will not be considered.

Scholarship Recipients Scholarship Recipients
Araya-Yohanes, Ab
Babineau, Joelle
Bertin, Cloé
Berubé, Clara
Blanchard, Sara Eve
Boudreau, Myriam
Boudreau, Myriam
Branch-Whitehead, Mackenzie
Brewster, Anna
Buraglia, Sophia
Clément, William Serge
Colton, Nicholas
Comeau, Arianne
Comeau, Brandon
Comeau, Genviève
Comeau, Myriam
Cormier, Shamus
Cunnison, Bereket
David, Nicholas
DeGrace, Mathias
Dobson, Amaya
Dorkhom, Ibrahim
Doucet Callie
Doucet, Annie
Doucet, Dany Daphnée
Duffy, Diana
Duffy, Meghan
Duguay, Audrey
Duguay, Samuel
Dumaresq, Isabelle
Dunn, Jade
Fisher, Hailey
Fournier, Ella
Frenette, Audrey
Gionet, Gabrielle
Godin, Olivier
Godin, Sarah
Godin-LeBreton, Emma
Guérette, Jolin
Guitard, Joanie
Johnstone, Carley
Kane, Joseph
Kelly, Amber
Kelly, Amber
Knowles, Acasha
Kramer, Angel
Landry, Raphaelle
Landry, Sarah
Landry, Vanessa
Lanteigne, Marie-Ève
LeBlanc, Audrey Maude
LeBlanc, Jolyane
LeBreton, Chloe
Lee, Breanna
Lurette, Sarah-Maude
MacCallum, Clae
MacDonald, Cassidy
MacDonald, Eric
Malenko-Nevins, Alexis
Mallais, Christophe
Murphy, Emma
Paulin, Maxime
Pethick, Emily
Pitre, Danika
Potvin, Maxime
Richard, Alexandre
Rioux, Zoé
Robichaud, Jessica
Rogers, Padden
Roy, Madison
Roy, Michael Alexis
Savoie, Yanik
Scott, Simon
Seth, Inayyat
Smith, Sheldon
Spencer, Sydney
St. Amand, Haley
Strong-Roy, Kassidy
Theriault, Kaleb
Tremblay, Megan
Vandenbrand, Curtis
Vienneau, Emily
Vienneau-Godin, Hailey

Be sure to check the deadlines.

You would be very surprised how often students miss this deadline so our advice to you is bold and simple...