About the Scholarship & Scholar Bursary

Dr. J Harper Kent Scholar Bursary Award

The Dr. J. Harper Kent Scholar Bursary was established by the J. Harper Kent Charitable Foundation in 2017. One bursary is awarded annually to a Bathurst High School or École Secondaire Népisiguit student beginning an undergraduate degree program in the fall of their graduating year. This award has a value of $40,000 payable over a four year course of study in the amount of $10,000 per year. Recipients are required to maintain a 3.7 / 4.0 scholarship grade point average each term to renew this scholarship.

The criteria for the scholarship includes excellence in academics, financial need, leadership qualities and aspirations for future success. The applicants are asked to submit an essay giving the Selection Committee an indication of their leadership capabilities and what receiving this scholarship would mean to them.

Finalists will be interviewed and attendance is required.

The application deadline is always February 28th.

Annual Scholarship

  • Candidates must be Canadian Citizens.
  • Only residents from the Bathurst area graduating from either of the two Bathurst high schools need apply.
  • Candidates will be selected based on both academic achievements and financial need.
  • Scholarships will be granted for full time attendance at college/university.
  • Priority will be given to candidates entering college/university at the first year level. Candidates must apply each year.
  • This is a two part application form and each part must be completed and received by the due dates.
  • The application deadline is always June 1st for Part One. Part Two is always due June 30th.   

You may apply for both!

Scholarship Recipients Scholarship Recipients
Arseneault, Chelsea
Arseneault, Maryse
Boudreau, Sara Rose
Cameron, Ashley
Chamberlain, Lea
Coombs, Jacob
Couture, Caitlin
Culligan, Cassidy
Davidson, Christy
Degrace, Danika
Dempsey, Claire
Dennis, Jeremiah
Denver, Daley
Doucet, Jasmine
Doucet, Jonathan
Frenette, Carolyne
Gauthier, Kaylee
Haché, René-Claude
Kearney, Michelle
Kennah, Taylor
Lagacé, Danielle
Lapointe, Chelsey
Lavigne, Terry
LeBreton, Corey
Legacy, Jared
Léger, Myra
LeLievre, Ashley
Li, Jiawen
MacCallum, Zane
MacMinn, Adam
Matchett, Bradley
Morais-Savoie, Dominique
Morrison, Alyssa
Parent Long, Brianna
Philippe, Catherine
Risdon, Rachel
Robertson, Brett
Savoie, Catherine
Scott, Mackenzie
Sealy, Allyson
Sherrard, Jamie
Sirois, Madison
Spragg, Shane
St-Onge, Roxanne
Thibodeau, Nicolas
Thibodeau, Sarah
Vienneau, Katia
White, Haley

Be sure to check the deadlines.

You would be very surprised how often students miss this deadline so our advice to you is bold and simple...